Admission to Master’s Programs in 2019 Master Science in Digital and Editorial Communication (European Degree)

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Admission to Master’s Programs in 2019 Master Science in Digital and Editorial Communication (European Degree)

Name of the Master Program
Master Science in Information - Communication, specializing in Digital and Editorial Communication
(Master Information-Communication, Spécialité: Communication digitale et éditoriale)

Partner University

Founded in 1968, the University of Toulon (UTLN) is a public institution, and the largest university in the VAR region, one of the economic and cultural centers in southern France. As a multidisciplinary institution, it offers over 100 courses at under graduate and post-graduate levels in language studies, law, economics, management, technology and social sciences and humanities. The UTLN Information and Communication Master is one of the best programs  in the field in France, with the participation of renowned teachers and professionals from France and Europe.


Master of Humanities and Social Sciences,  Information and Communication Major, specializing in Digital and Editorial Communication.

(Master de Sciences humaines et sociales, mention Information et Communication, spécialité Communication digitale et éditoriale)

  • Advantages:

Practical knowledge of digital technology in information and communication, which is increasingly important in the business sector with great job opportunities in Vietnam and other countries around the world.

The program is complied with European standards. Degree granted by the University of Toulon is internationally recognized.

The application is open to students with a Bachelors in economics, language studies, business and also to those who have studied in Technical Science.

  • Academic Programs

Students must complete total 60 credits (ECTS Europe) consists of 5 knowledge blocks, an Internship and the Thesis writing.


Transfer and Social Media and Information - Communication Techniques


Digital Environments /Opportunities, challenges and prospects


Digital Practice and Training


Digital Product


Career Project


Internship and Dissertation Methods

  • Time, Location and Duration

Time: Full time

Duration of training:

14 months: Students with French certificate (must be equivalent to the level of B2.)

24 months: Students without French certificate (10 months for study French)

- Degree: Educational Programs are complied with European standards, Degree granted by the University of Toulon and internationally recognized:

“Master de Sciences Humaines et Sociales, mention Information et Communication, spécialité Communication Digitale et Editoriale”

- Location: International Francophone Institute, VNU, 144 Xuân Thủy, Hà Nội

  • Total Fees (2019 – 2020)

1.1. Students with French certificate must be equivalent to the level of B2:

4.000 euros (108.000.000 VND)

1.2Students without French certificate (+ 10 months for study French):

4.700 euros (126.900.000 VND)

  • Scholarships

There are a huge range of scholarships, bursaries and fee discounts available:

03 internships in France, by the University of Toulon.

Scholarships for accommodation and living expenses for international students.


1. Quotas: 60 students/class/ intake; 1intake /year

2. Methods of Admission: Applications screening and interview

3. Admission Schedule:





Receive applications



Interview candidates

01/11/2019 - 08/11/2019






4. Admission Requirements

4.1. Qualification Requirements

Requirements on Bachelor Degree (at least 4 years) or equivalent to the first year Master's Degree (European Standards.)

Supplementary subjects is not required for Journalism and Information majors category (MS 832)

Supplementary subjects list (for other students) before interview:





Introduction to HTML



Basic knowledge of SIC (Information and Communication Science)



Basic knowledge in organizational communication



Audio visual production



Graphic design

Self -Study


4.2. Language Requirements

a. Holding a French certificate: B2 (CECR);

Holding a Bachelor, Master, or PhD degree from a full time training program in French language. The degree must be recognized by the competent agencies in accordance with the applicable regulations;

Holding a bachelor’s degree in French language;

Citizens from countries where French is an official language;

b. For candidates without French certificates: they can attend the French training courses in IFI before interview.

4.3. Other requirements

Having clear personal background, not being in the period of implementing sanctions from warning and higher levels;

Having good health for study.

On – time Submission


1. Application form

2. Notarized copy of bachelor’s degree and university transcript (notarized French translation).

3. Curriculum Vitae (in French).

4. Medical Certificate (no more than 6 months)

5. Proof of language proficiency

6. Digital passport-sized photo (3x4 cm): 3

7. Envelop (included: name, address, phone): 3

8. Application fee: 500.000VND per one

Other Documents:

-  Recommendation Letters (You should submit at least one recommendation letter for a good application.)

-  Certified or notarized copies of documents concerning aptitude, expertise, research achievements.

- Proof of Government officials (from district level upward).


1. Application review and interview process:

Part 1. Receiving application documents

- Applicants may submit application documents at IFI.

Application documents will be sent electronically and a hard copy given later.

Scan application documents to: / 

- Location for application submission and contact information:

Center for University Programs Management and Continuing Education - IFI

Room 203, 2nd Floor, C3, No. 144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội

Tel:  + 84 24.3754.9505. Hotline: 089.959.8899

Email: /

- Application receiving period: From Monday to Friday during office hours.

Part 2. Application Review

Part 3. Interview

2. Admission Evaluation: Learning capacity; Language proficiency; Communication skills, Motivation, Letter of recommendation.

3. Result of successful applicants

Minimum score for admission is 50 points (the highest score is 100) including application review and interview results.

Complete total Supplementary subjects

French certificates must be equivalent to B2 (CECR)


Center for University Programs Management and Continuing Education - IFI

Room 203, 2nd Floor, C3, No. 144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hà Nội

Tel:  + 84 24.3754.9505. Hotline: 089.959.8899

Email: /



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