International Francophone Institute

IFI Intelligent Incubator

IFI Intelligent Incubator
IFI Intelligent Incubator - 3i is a unit of International Francophone Institute (IFI), designed to support start-ups/ entrepreneurs and companies. Our keywords are Advanced Technologies, Smart Solutions and Eco-friendly.

About 3i

3i is supported by IFI’s experts and a large network of Universities, Companies, Organizations, Funds and individuals investors within and beyond the Francophone Community.

3i’s customers include: (i) start-ups, (ii) Entrepreneurs, (iii) individuals/ organizations supporting start-ups, (iv) Investors

Mains activities of 3i



  • Entering Smart-up: every aspects relating to create and to develop a company
  • Coaching in start-up and entrepreneurship


  • Start-up/ Entrepreneur strategy, orientation and decision
  • Offering solutions relating to company development, transformation, M&A or Market research/ exploiting.

Funds Connecting

  • Introducing, connecting Funds to start-up
  • Collaborating with others institution to organize the Capital Fair to promote the start-up spirit and to enhance cooperation between start-ups and investors.