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International Forum Franconomics 2019 will be held in Hanoi and Hưng Yên on October 23rd and October 24th, 2019

International Forum Franconomics 2019 will be held in Hanoi and Hưng Yên on October 23rd and October 24th, 2019
Franconomics is an annual event initiated by IFI under the sponsorship of the Vietnam National University and partly funded by Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF).

This Forum is a multidisciplinary dialogue on the application of digital technologies as well as on the future of technology for scientists, businesses, investors and policy makers both inside and outside of Francophone Community with 88 members. This is an initiative of IFI with the goal of connecting Vietnam with the international community through annual conferences and forums, these conferences discuss about outstanding economic and social topics that Vietnam and the world are interested in. Each year, the event will be held in one province of Vietnam to create opportunities for that province to promote its image, culture and economic development potentials to attract domestic and foreign investment, as well as create opportunities to promote tourism and export local products.

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The Franconomics 2019 topic: “Digital technology for the development of smart economy and society”, will be held in Hanoi and Hưng Yên on October 23rd and October 24th, 2019 in the context of the industrial revolution 4.0 is having a strong and profound impact on the global economy and society. Digital technologies are not only a strategic tool for improving business productivity and promoting socio-economic development, but also an object that radically changes the whole of human life. We can say that the new era is a digital era. Hundreds of millions of people benefit from innovative services based on the benefits of digital technology but digital technology also presents new challenges for governments, businesses, organizations and individuals. This situation requires the efforts of all members to participate in socio-economic life in order to effectively promote the potential of digital technology to serve the building of a smart economy for a smart society.

 Participants of the Forum are scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers from more than 30 countries and more than 60 domestic enterprises.

The forum will focus on in-depth discussion on some important aspects of digital technology through the presentations of domestic and foreign experts. Some typical presentations include: "The secret of digital technology" (speaker: Mr. Pierre Bonnet - Director of Tibco Orchestra Networks Vietnam); “Challenges of the law to the security of personal information on social networks” (speaker: Professor Jean Paul Pastorel - Vice Rector of the University of Polynesia, France), “Human resource management in the era number ”(speaker: Mr. Haruo Oka - Founder, CEO of ODOC, Japan); "New challenges for tourism in a digital age" (speaker: Professor Yann Rival - Co-Director of Tourism  research center for Oceania-Pacific). There are also many presentations and sharing from famous experts from Vietnam, Japan, France, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, South Korea, Russia ... This forum will provide participants with a multi-dimensional panorama of the development, role and impact of digital technology in the development of economy and society.

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