International Francophone Institute

Fintech lab


Name of the Lab : Fintech Lab

Functions and duties:

Fintech Lab has the function for organizing the implementation of research, academic program, training and technology transfer consulting activities in Financial Technology to satisfy the demand of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals.

Main research directions:

  • New technology to apply for Fintech: Blockchain, Big data, AI, Machine Learning etc;
  • Fintech startup ecosystem;
  • Modern digital banking business model;
  • Cooperative Smart Finance, Banking and Fintech;
  • Models of governance and market trends associated with Fintech

Research equipment:

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • High configuration computer system and essential office equipment
  • Specialized software system for financial data analysis: SAS (Statistical Analysis System)
  • System of new technological testing equipment for research and training of new technologies in Fintech (Bloackchain, Big Data ...)


Director: Dr. Đào Tùng

Vietnamese experts:

  • Dr. Hồ Tường Vinh: Vice President of IFI Scientific and Academic Council, expert in AI & Machine Learning
  • Dr. Nguyễn Duy Tài: VKIS, expert in Smart & Multimedia System
  • M.S. Phan Xuân Thắng: IFI, expert in finance
  • Dr. Đào Tùng: IFI, expert in Marketing & strategy
  • Dr. Phùng Danh Thắng: IFI, Digital media
  • Mr. Nguyễn Thanh Sơn: Deputy General Director of IFI-Solution
  • Dr. Lý Văn Bảo: ZeroTech company, expert in Fintech
  • Dr. Tạ Quang Chiểu: Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, expert in Big Data
  • Mr. Ngô Tấn Vũ Khanh: Development Manager of Kaspersky Lab Vietnam, expert in Security Solutions
  • Dr. Trần Tất Thành: National Economics University, expert in finance – banking

International experts:

  • Dr. Paul Griffiths (UK), EM University Normandie (France), specializing in Fintech
  • Mr. Pierre Bonnet (France), Tibco Vietnam, specializes in Big Data

Key Patners: