International Francophone Institute

Research laboratories

The IFI possesses Multimedia, Intelligent Systems and Information and Communication Technologies (MSI) and Communication, Culture and Entrepreneurship Studies (ECCE) laboratories and a specialized Diderot Lab research group.


1. MSI Laboratory

- Main research theme: computer simulation and interdisciplinary studies

 The theme of "Computational Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems" was chosen for its great transversal potentialities and because it has the advantage of allowing theoretical research while aiming at broad areas of application in local development, namely agriculture, urban planning, disaster prevention, the environment, industrial development and many other areas. This theme brings together several areas of computer research including networks, distributed systems, software engineering, distance learning, multi-agent systems, artificial intelligence, computer vision, etc.

2. ECCE Laboratory

- Main Research Theme: Advanced Electronic Design

This laboratory specializes in advanced electronics design, next-generation communication techniques, and advanced computing techniques. It is an interdisciplinary field in terms of hardware and software, focusing on the design and development of information processing systems on a chip (SOC) for specific applications

 3. Diderot Lab Specialized Research Group

The Diderot Lab research group, created in 2016, is made up of researchers from different universities and national and international institutes. One of the research priorities of Diderot Lab is the application of computer science in the implementation of interdisciplinary projects, including international projects in which French-speaking partners are involved, namely research projects: Digitization of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, Project of the research projects of the French-speaking countries' education system, the mobility project of the French-speaking experts ... These projects are potential and practical, they are really interested by many researchers and funds of conservation of the international heritages, in particular, international organizations such as UNESCO, IRD ...

List of members of the research group Diderot Lab:

Ngô Tự Lập (Institute of Francophone for Innovation - UNV Hanoi, Vietnam, Group Leader)

Chu Thùy Anh (Institute of Physics, Academy of Science and Technology of Vietnam)

James Borton (Coastal Carolina University, USA)

Pascal Bourdeau (Practical School of High Studies, France)

Joseph Dumer (Clarkson University, USA)

Corinne Flicker (Aix Marseille University, France)

Natasha Kraevskaya (National Moskva University)

Alain Guillemin (National Center for Scientific Research, France)

Nguyễn Hữu Hải (Institute of Francophonie for Innovation - UNV Hanoi)

Ngô Thanh Huệ (International Faculty - UVN Hanoi)

Nguyễn Thị Hiệp (CNRS France)

Nguyễn Giáng Hương (National Library of France)

Lê Trọng Phương (Bonn University, Germany)

Nguyễn Hồng Quang (Institute of Francophonie for Innovation - UNV Hanoi, Vietnam)

Đinh Hồng Vân (University of Foreign Languages ​​- UNV Hanoi, Vietnam)

Tôn Thất Thanh Vân (ĐH Creteil, Pháp)

Hồ Tường Vinh (Institute of Francophonie for Innovation - UNV Hanoi)

Jack Yeager (ĐH Louisiana State University)