Call for Admissions: Master in Banking, Finance & Fintech (2024-2025)

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In addition to acquiring updated and advanced knowledge and skills in finance, banking, and insurance, with the Master's program in Banking, Finance, and Financial Technology (Fintech) offered by EM Normandie School of Management, taught at the International Francophone Institute (IFI) of Vietnam National University, you can be an expert in the field of Fintech (Financial Technology).


Study goals

  • Gain access to updated, in-depth, and advanced knowledge in finance, banking, insurance, and Fintech in the digital economy era, meeting the demands of the global market;
  • Take up high-income job opportunities in these fields in Vietnam and worldwide

Program strengths

  • It follows European standards and is globally recognized.
  • It is the first Fintech Master's program in Vietnam and the second in Southeast Asia.
  • 50% of the lessons are delivered by experienced professors from the UK and France.
  • It provides numerous alluring career opportunities in the digital transformation era of finance and banking.
  • It offers opportunities for student exchange and internships in France and the UK.
  • It provides the chance to get scholarships for Excellent students.



The program is designed with 14 knowledge blocks and consists of 75 credits for 15-18 months

See detailed credits: Here

The program is implemented at the International Francophone Institute (IFI) of Vietnam National University and Oxford campus of EM Normandie School of Management in the United Kingdom at the same time.

See Feedback from students about the Fintech Master's program: Here

EM Normandie Business School
EM Normandie School of Management

Teaching Method

Combine on-site teaching (lessons with lecturers; seminars by experts from actual business) with practical experience through solving actual problems of a bank or a business under the guidance and supervision of professors and experts in the program; mandatory internships; graduation thesis.

Form of training

Regular (on-site learning in evenings and weekends)


Admission Scale & Procedure

Admission scale: 35 students / class / cohort

Admission procedure: Application screening and interview.

Admission Criteria

1. Regarding expertise and qualifications:

1.1. Group 1:

  • Have graduated from one of the following majors: Economics, Finance, Technology, Fintech, Information Technology, and Computer Science;
  • Have fundamental knowledge in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Basic Accounting, Basic Finance, and Software Technology;
  • Have completed preparatory programs organized by IFI.

1.2. Group 2:

  • Have graduated from another major that is not included in Object 1;
  • Have work experience (at least 03 years) in areas related to banking, finance, fintech, information technology, and computer science;
  • Have completed preparatory programs organized by IFI.

2. Regarding degree:

  • Have A Vietnamese 4-year-program university degree (with a grade of "Good" or above), or a foreign university degree that is not part of the European qualification framework (obtained from a program lasting at least 4 years);
  • Meet the program's entry requirements and other specified criteria.

3. Regarding English conditions:

  • Must be at level 4 of the Foreign Language Proficiency Framework for Vietnam, or IELTS 5.5, or equivalent.
  • Applicants who do not meet the English conditions need to study the English preparatory program organized by IFI.


Admissions start from: January 1st, 2024

Opening schedule: April 2024



Fintech occupations vary from being an entrepreneur to many other positions such as:

  • Digital banking Project Manager
  • Product Manager at a Fintech
  • Financial Analyst at an investment bank
  • Corporate Analyst in a multinational financial services startups
  • Consultant at a professional services firm
  • SME Client Relationship Manager at a Fintech or Retail Bank


Tuition: 7.800 Euros

  • Applicants can pay 100% for the first time or pay in 2 installments: 65% for the first time and 35% for the second time.
  • Admission fee: 1.050.000 VND (~40 Euros) 


For international students:

  • 100% accommodation support in dormitories (6-8 people/room), excluding electricity and water charges.
  • Monthly living allowance: 1.500.000 VNĐ (~56 Euros) per month.
  • Based on the actual time spent in Vietnam, not exceeding 12 months.

For Vietnamese students:

  • Support policy: 10% tuition fee discount per student for groups of 03 or more.
  • Partial airfare support policy for students traveling from a distance.
  • See scholarship and support policies for students Here



Call for Admission (.PDF)

Call for Admission - Corhort 4

Brochure (.PDF)

Feedback of students

Instructors and Experts of Fintech Master’s Program



Office for Communications and Admissions

International Francophone Institute (IFI) of Vietnam National University

Building E5, 144 Xuân Thủy, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel :   +84 24 37549505 | Hotline: +84 96 235 1619





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