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The research team MSI (Computational Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems) is part of the International Joint Unit (UMMISCO) supported by the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI) and by the Research Institute for Development (IRD). It is associated with the Research Institute for Development (IRD) within the framework of the program: Young Associated Team at IRD (JEAI) for the period of 2007-2009. Support granted by the IRD to the MSI are as follows:

- Researcher’s mobilities (reception of researchers based on the establishment of each party within the framework of research projects); doctoral training in the framework of joint supervision of theses; IFI ’s doctoral students who are eligible to apply for the IRD scholarship program;

- Financial support for research activities within MSI.

Since June 2009, the MSI participates as an official member in the creation of the UMMISCO - IRD International Joint Research Unit - University Paris 6, UMMISCO officially started in January 2009 with two French supervisors: namely the IRD and University Paris 6. UMMISCO was evaluated in October 2008 and appreciated by the French Agency for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (AERES).

The members of UMMISCO are as follows: MSI laboratory (IFI), IRD, Paris 6 University (France), LMDP laboratory of UCAM University (Morocco), MAT laboratory of Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, and Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis, Senegal, MAT laboratory of Yaounde University I (Cameroon). In Vietnam, UMMISCO Việt Nam is based at the IFI.


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