French Intern at IFI: Is it interesting to work with a different culture?

THUrsday - 16/03/2023 08:53

Knowing IFI by chance during a job search, a French intern Jeanne Manzanera, 22 years old, shared her thoughts after completing her internship at IFI.

Arriving with a radiant look and natural honey-colored curly hair, a young female student from Paris, France, showed high excitement before the talk. She could not wait to share her thoughts on the experience during her work with IFI staff after a short while.


She is Jeanne Manzanera, 22 years old, a student at the University of Law, VNU (UL), currently working as an intern at the Department of Scientific Management & Cooperation for Development Service (COOP). During a job search on the Internet, Jeanne happened to send a spontaneous application. Having known that IFI was one of the training institutions under the Vietnam National University and a research training unit with active activities in the Francophone community, Jeanne sent in her application and successfully persuaded the Board of Directors to work at IFI.


Jeanne Manzanera at IFI's 2023 New Year Gift Giving
Jeanne Manzanera at IFI's 2023 New Year Gift Giving

Her job is to connect IFI with global partners and handle legal issues such as consulting, drafting, and reviewing documents. Also, she has to work with the Communication Department to edit some Vietnamese and French documents. 


Working at IFI was a great experience. I was able to exercise skills and apply them in practice. Besides, I chose to work at IFI because I could switch between workplace and class easily. Also, the opportunity to work in an international, multicultural environment with the support of my colleagues is the motivation for me to explore other cultures in the future. This is a new joy for me after school. The friendliness and open working environment at IFI has helped me adapt very quickly. Therefore, this is not merely a professional internship, it has also brought me various experiences about Vietnamese culture and people”, Jeanne confided.


Now let's see what Jeanne’s saying about her internship at IFI in the video below!


Author: Hạnh Nguyên - IFI-COM

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