In addition to Fintech, I also learned new things from both cultures, which made me feel like I was "doubled in knowledge"

MONday - 05/12/2022 14:15

Eva Lương (Lương Mỹ Hoa) from Canada shared her deep thoughts about IFI. She's currently a student of the Master program in Banking, Finance, and Financial Technology (Fintech) at the International Francophone Institute, Vietnam National University (IFI).

Before coming to Vietnam to pursue a Master's degree in Fintech, Eva Lương had graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, which is ranked in the top 5 of the top research universities in Canada (2022) and listed in the Best 10 Business Universities in Canada (2021). Living and studying in Canada, Eva Lương also was an exchange student at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. By the years of studying there, the young girl's passion for technology began to sprout.

When I studied in Singapore, I was very interested in the Fintech major. I found the Master of Fintech program organized by  IFI and Normandie School of Management (EM Normandie) in Vietnam. The Fintech Master's program is a quality program taught by a team of lecturers who are leading professors, doctors, and experts in the world, especially in the Fintech capital - London. I found this program definitely suitable for my expectation.” - Eva Lương shared.

Chia sẻ Eva Luong
Eva Lương's sharing about the Master of Fintech program at IFI

I have been studying in Vietnam for more than a month now but I am still surprised. This is quite a new experience. I had to deal with culture shock, but it was fun and I cherished every single moment of it," Eva said.

Eva also said that she completed a French language program at the University of Montreal, Canada with a desire to expand career opportunities in the Francophone Community. Currently, Eva Lương can speak 3 languages: English (native), French (basic), and Vietnamese (basic). Therefore, it is easy to understand that the IFI house is the best choice for her learning orientation and language skills.

Student Eva Lương highly appreciates the Master of Fintech program at IFI



 I have learned new things from both cultures, which certainly doubled my knowledge. What I like most is getting to know my classmates and teachers - who have in-depth knowledge of teaching. They all have studied abroad for many years, taught in many parts of the world, and had a lot of practical experiences to instruct students. We have the opportunity to absorb knowledge in the best way.” – she shared.

Student Eva Lương in the Fintech Challenge presentation session

Find out about the Master of Fintech program at IFI here.

Eva Lương and the lecturers and students of Course 2 - Master of Fintech


Author: Hạnh Nguyên - IFI Media

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