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 Admission to IFI 2013-2014for non-vietnamese candidates The Francophone institute for computer science (IFI), from the Vietnam National University (Hanoi), is announcing its recruitment for the academic year 2013-2014. This...

 Admission to IFI 2013-2014

for non-vietnamese candidates

The Francophone institute for computer science (IFI), from the Vietnam National University (Hanoi), is announcing its recruitment for the academic year 2013-2014. This recruitment is open to candidates of all nationalities outside Vietnam. Specific recruitment calls are done for Vietnamese candidates.

Candidates must have graduated with a degree corresponding to 4 or 5 years of studies in computer science, in mathematics with a major in computer science, or in a related field like Telecommunications-Electronics, Cybernetic-Control, ... 


Application procedure

Admission to IFI is based on admission file. The candidates can, if they want, take a French exam. If they don't or if they fail this exam, they must follow a French reinforcement class and they will be able to join the scientific subjects only on the next academic year if they have a sufficient French level.

N.B.: The candidates are exempted of the French exam if

  • French is their native language
  • they are graduated from a university cursus done in French

Application goes through a two steps procedure. The first step consists in the submission of an electronic admission file. This file includes the following documents (in French or in English):

  • Motivation letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of the marks from the last 3 academic years
  • Copy of the highest received diploma or diploma attestation or attestation of studies in the last year of diploma
  • Recommandation letter from a professor or scientific in computer science


The admision file, in electonic format only, must be submitted before July 1st 2013, at the following address:

Following this first step, the selected candidates will be contacted to go through a written skills assessment test in IT and mathematics (an example of such tests can be downloaded here), in the closest AUF office. The candidates will be informed of the date and place of the test by email in July. Candidates that have passed the test will then have to submit the complete admission file, including all original documents (or certified copies), in paper format. Admission will be validated only after verification of the complete admission file and will depend on the results obtained for the test by the candidate and on the number of places available.

A limited number of IFI scholarships will be awarded by IFI. Successful candidates that are not awarded a scholarship, will have to provide a signed letter of engagement declaring sufficient funding for the entire duration of studies and stay in Vietnam. Only candidates below the age of 35 years old can apply for IFI scholarship

Language for documents
For the first admission file (electronic format), documents can be provided in French or in English. It should be noted that all documents in the final admission file (paper format), required to validate the admission, should exclusively be in English. If there are no English original versions of the required documents, the candidate should provide certified English translations of these documents.

For more information on our curriculum please download and read the brochure here




For further information, please contact Mr Nguyen Bac Tuan (assistant of studies):



Tél : (+84) 438 696 020  #314


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