Master's students in FINTECH visit the Northern headquarters of Mobile Services Joint Stock Company (MoMo)

WEDnesday - 10/01/2024 08:41

On January 10th, the second cohort of master's students in the Banking, Finance, and Financial Technology (FINTECH) program at the International Francophone Institute (IFI), Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) had a visit to the Northern headquarters of Mobile Services Joint Stock Company (MoMo). This extracurricular activity aimed to help students gain a deeper understanding of one of the most successful companies in Vietnam in the Fintech field, while also learning, exchanging experiences, and acquiring valuable knowledge about how to develop and manage projects related to financial technology.

IFI Master's students visit MoMo's Northern headquarters
IFI Master's students visit MoMo's Northern headquarters

The tour began with a meeting and exchange between the FINTECH master's students and the MoMo staff. Mr. Đào Tùng, Director of the Office for Academic & Student Affairs, expressed gratitude to the representatives of MoMo's Northern headquarters for coordinating with IFI in organizing this visit. MoMo has been a reliable partner and has been involved in many IFI activities over the years. Mr. Đào Tùng emphasized that the visit to MoMo's headquarters is an important activity within the framework of the FINTECH Master's program. This is an opportunity for students to meet and interact directly with leading experts in the industry, helping them build a professional network, enhance practical skills, and apply knowledge in the rapidly developing Fintech market.


Next, students were introduced by Mr. Bùi Bảo Hưng, Head of Business Development for Utility Telecommunications at MoMo, about the history, achievements, and future directions of the company. Established in 2007, MoMo now has over 34 million users, more than 50,000 partners, and over 140,000 payment acceptance points nationwide. Over 17 years of formation and development, MoMo has developed an ecosystem in various fields such as e-commerce, public administration, utilities, entertainment, travel, insurance, charity, aiming to become the number 1 "super app" in Vietnam, the region, and the world. Additionally, during the meeting, students also learned about the highlights of the project applying multi-functional QR code in the healthcare sector, currently being implemented by MoMo in many major hospitals and expected to be widely expanded nationwide by 2024.

IFI students are introduced to MoMo's 'super app
IFI students are introduced to MoMo's - the super app

After the meeting and exchange session, the IFI delegation continued to explore the working space at MoMo's Northern headquarters. Here, students engaged in lively discussions about management methods, operations, and risk management in the development process of MoMo's e-wallet. Many students expressed enthusiasm and shared that this new knowledge would be valuable material to apply in their studies at IFI and in their practical work.


Some images during the visit:


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