The International Forum Franconomics 2019 was a great success

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The International Forum Franconomics 2019 with the topic “Digital technology for the development of smart economy and society” took place at the French Cultural Center on October 23th and at the Conference Center of Hưng Yên province on October 24th. French Ambassador to Vietnam Mr. Nicolas Warnery honoured two Vietnamese scholars: Mr. Ngô Tự Lập and Mr. Trịnh Văn Minh, within the framework of the International Forum held in Hanoi on October 23th.

Designed by the Francophone International Institute as an annual international forum under the sponsorship of the National University of Vietnam and partially funded by the AUF, the mission of Franconomics is to create a multidisciplinary space of dialogue, both academic and practical, for universities, businesses and national and international policy makers, particularly with respect to the Francophonie.

Franconomics 2019 is organized in a context where the fourth industrial revolution begins to exert strong and profound impacts on the global economy and society. Digital technologies are today not only a tool for improving productivity and promoting socio-economic development, but also a powerful factor that changes radically the whole human life.

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(The International Forum Franconomics 2019 - First session at the French Cultural Center on October 23th) 

We can say that the new era is a digital era. While hundreds of millions of people benefit from innovative services based on the avantages of digital technology, the latter also poses great challenges for governments, businesses, organizations and individuals. This situation requires a considerable effort on the part of all actors in the socio-economic life to exploit effectively the enormous potential of digital technology and at the same time reduce its harmful influences, to develop a smart economy for a smart society.

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Participants of the Forum are scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers from more than 30 countries and more than 60 domestic enterprises.

The forum focused on in-depth discussion on some important aspects of digital technology through the presentations of domestic and foreign experts. Some typical presentations include: "The secret of digital technology" (Speaker: Mr. Pierre Bonnet - Director of Tibco Orchestra Networks Vietnam); “Challenges of the law to the security of personal information on social networks” (Speaker: Prof.Jean Paul Pastorel - Vice Rector of the University of Polynesia, France), “Human resource management in the era number ”(speaker: Mr. Haruo Oka - Founder, CEO of ODOC, Japan); "New challenges for tourism in a digital age" (Speaker: Prof.Yann Rival - Co-Director of Tourism  Research Center for Oceania-Pacific).

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(Round table discussion of the experts)

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(Dr. Ngô Tự Lập - Director of IFI)

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(French Ambassador to Vietnam Mr. Nicolas Warnery)

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(Mr. Philippe L. PERRUCHOT, Deputy Director of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

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(Mr. Nguyễn Trung Kiên, Director of the Middle East and Africa Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam)

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(Nguyễn Xuân Dương, President of Hưng Yên Business Association)

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(Mr. Lê Phước Minh, Director of the Institute for Africa and Middle East Studies)

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(Dr. Thongmala Phosikham, Vice-Dean of Faculty of Letters, National University of Laos)

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(Mr. Haruo Oka - Founder, CEO of ODOC, Japan)

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(Mr. Pierre Bonnet - Director of Tibco Orchestra Networks Vietnam)

There are also many presentations and sharing from famous experts from Vietnam, Japan, France, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, South Korea, Russia ... This forum will provide participants with a multi-dimensional panorama of the development, role and impact of digital technology in the development of economy and society.

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At the second session of the Forum in Hung Yen province, the signing ceremony of cooperation agreements was signed between IFI and Viettel Network, Vietnam Japan University and Gia Hân Company.

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(IFI and Vietnam Japan University)

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(IFI and Viettel Network)

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(IFI and Gia Hân Company)

Within the framework of the International Forum, Director of the International Francophone Institute (IFI), Dr.Ngo Tu Lap was conferred with the Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters of France while the Order of Academic Palms was presented to Associate Professor Dr. Trinh Van Minh, senior lecturer of the University of Education under the Vietnam National University (VNU), Hanoi.

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