The Vertical-Screen Digital Short-Film Contest

MONday - 21/01/2019 08:49
The Vertical-Screen Digital Short-Film Contest

Looking forwards to the International Short Film Festival in 3D/ Relief and VR in Angoulême (France), the vertical-screen digital short-film contest is organized by the International Francophone Institute (IFI) for anybody who wants to test their capacity in making the short films with their smart phones.



Introduction of the Contest

With its great and constantly improved capacities, smark phone nowadays is not only the popular connection tool, but also able to be used as a tool to make audio-visual products in service of advertisement, culture, education, business and tourism. Geometrical frame of mobile phone has gradually become a trend highly appreciated by the leading on-line TV channels such as Netflix and YouTube.

The Contest is organized on January 15 to April 15, 2019. The first prize is a trip to participate and show the short films at Angoulême International Short Film Festival in 3D/Relief and VR 2019.

1/ The organizer and the Jury Board

* The organizer: The International Francophone Institute – National University-Hanoi

* The Jury Board comprises well-known experts, critics and artists:

            -Director Đặng Nhật Minh

            - Professor Francois Serre, President “Festival Courant 3D” Asociation, Angoulême

            - Artist, Composer Nguyễn Thế Lâm

            - Artist Nguyễn Long Hưng, Director, the Vietnam Graphics Company

            - Lecturer Lê Phương Mai, Lecturer - Threater and Cinema University, Ho Chi Minh City

            - Writer Ngô Tự Lập, Director, International Francophone Institute

2/ Contestants

All Vietnamese citizens

3/ Requirements of contest works

* The movie is filmed by smart phone, vertical frame 9: 16; show time: not longer than 8 minutes, including the introduction, the film title and the film-end information.

* No limitation of film categories and languages (however, there must be English subtitles).

* The author is held responsible for the copy right on images and sounds (if it uses the images and music of the third party, there must be an agreement in writing of the owner). If this is the works of a group, there must be a consensus of the group members to join the contest.

* The film has the format MP4 (format H264, minimum size HD 720P (720 pixel x 1280 pixel), picture speed: 25fps, transmission speed: bitrate 1.5Mbps

* Speech and images do not violate the stipulations of the law; do not run counter to the fine customs of Vietnam; do not advertise products at variance with the stipulations of the law.

4/ Time to receive contest films:

From January 15, 2019 to April 15, 2019

5/ Constest films to be sent to:

Contest films are to be sent in attachment with the registration form of the constest to the address: before 17h00 on April 15, 2019.

6/ Criteria and judging process:

All the contest films will be judged and voted as follows:

* Scripts

* Director

* Acting

* Music

* Images

The jusging process:

The Primary judging round: April 16 – April 20, 2019: The Organizing Board will select 10 contest film for the final round;

The final round: The Jury Board and invitational guests will together consider and select the following prizes:

7/ Prizes

First prize: A trip to attend 3D Film Festival in Angoulême, France

01 second prize: A Nokia mobile phone 7 Plus

01 third prize: A Nokia mobile phone 6.1 Plus

03 consolation prizes: 50% scholarship for the program of making short film of the International Francophone Institute

8/ Other stipulations

* Each constentant only joins the contest in one group; each individual/group can join the contest with not more than 3 films.

* The Organizing Board is not legally responsible if there is any problem arisen in relation to the copy right of the contest films.

* The contestant keeps the copy right of the contest film, but the Organizing Board is entitled to use all the film, images and information of the contestant for the purpose of communiations and popularization of information in the commercial programs.

* The Organzing Board is entitled unilaterally to eliminate the films that violate the law and the stipulations of this rule.

In terms of all the details of the contest, do keep contact via phone number (024) 3 745 0173 ext 307 or email to

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